Repak to launch recycling facility locator app

28 Sep 2011

Repak will launch an app as part of next week’s Repak Recycling Week, which will include GPS functionality to help users find their nearest recycling facility.

The app lists 99pc of the 2,000 recycling centres, bottle banks and bring recycling facilities across Ireland.

Users can find their nearest facility on their smartphones with GPS. It lists them by name, the distance from the user and shows directions to it on Google Maps.

It can also find a facility based on what type it is, the materials it accepts and the local authority area it’s in.

“This application is a great way for people to locate their nearest recycling on the go, even if they are unfamiliar with the area,” said, Andrew Hetherington, CEO of Repak.

“We found that over 50pc of traffic on our site was for our recycling facilities search.

“This application will mean that people can quickly and easily locate the nearest facility for paper, plastic or glass or any material they wish to recycle, when out and about.”

The app will be available on iPhone first, but versions for Android and BlackBerry will follow afterwards.