RTÉ invests in HD projectors for flagship shows

31 Aug 2009

Ireland’s State broadcaster RTÉ has invested an undisclosed sum in high definition projectors and video screens for flagship studio shows like Primetime and The Sunday Game.

RTÉ has done deal with technology provider Tyrell CCT to provide it with a number of Panasonic projectors, including the powerful PT-DW100 Projector.

The PT-DW100 Projector was commissioned for RTÉ’s unique needs as a result of in-depth discussions between Panasonic’s special project team, Tyrell CCT and the broadcaster.

Seamlessly integrated into RTÉ’s studio sets the projectors provide remarkable brightness and reliability, enabling the broadcaster to find new ways to engage audiences and deliver high-impact programming.

RTÉ required a sophisticated solution that was cost-effective, reliable and flexible, allowing the broadcaster to captivate the viewers and make the station stand out as a leader in an increasingly competitive media environment.

To achieve RTÉ’s challenging goals, critical criteria needed to be met in the selection of the system; the projectors had to be bright enough to stand up against studio lights and they could not fail during live shows.

RTÉ also required a solution that was portable, quiet and capable of managing both front and rear projection. Tyrell CCT engaged Panasonic’s special project team to identify the optimum solution for this application.

Panasonic’s PT-DW100 Projector has an innovative 4-lamp optical system which uses newly developed 300-watt AC lamps to deliver 10,000-lumen brightness. The 4-lamp system is critical for RTÉ and ensures superb reliability as the projector keeps working even if one lamp goes out during a live broadcast.

Panasonic’s System Daylight View circuit compensates for the brighter studio environment, so that images are crisp, clear and easy to see even when all of the studio lights are fully lit.

The projector also supports Dual Link HD-SDI signals, using two cables to achieve twice the color resolution of the conventional single link system. A 3-chip widescreen DLP projector with 10-bit processing and 3D colour management, the PT-DW100 helps to make complexions and flesh tones appear natural and true-to-life.

“We needed a cost effective and flexible solution that would allow us to integrate the technology into the studio sets, providing viewers with sharp, clear images” commented Paul Hennessy, project manager, RTÉ.

“Panasonic’s PT-DW100 Projector delivers superior image quality, withstands intense studio lighting and most importantly maintains failsafe projections for live broadcasts. The solution has exceeded our expectations, which were very high.

Despite its 10,000-lumen power, the projector is compact, weighs only 35 kg, has a special noise reduction facility and an efficient liquid cooling system, making it the ideal choice for RTÉ’s dynamic broadcast environment. Furthermore, the PT-DW100 also has Panasonic’s unique Auto Cleaning Robot which automatically cleans the air filter to help keep the projector running smoothly and reduce maintenance.

RTÉ also invested in a number of short-throw and long-throw lenses for their system, including fixed focal lenses for rear projection use.

The projectors and screens are now integrated into RTÉ’s studio sets, enabling the broadcaster to display very bright and clear video clips in studio. The solution is already successfully used on a number of high profile shows including Prime Time, The Big Money Game, The Sunday Game, Saturday Night with Miriam, T.O.A.S.T. and The View.

“RTÉ is consistently at the forefront of broadcast technology, and we are delighted that they have invested in Panasonic’s PT-DW100 projector system,” said Bryan Malone, Managing Director, Tyrell CCT.

“Our close relationship with Panasonic gave RTÉ access to the supplier’s special projects team, which proved invaluable in the selection of the solution. The projectors give RTÉ the perfect combination of superior widescreen, high-definition digital projection, rock-solid reliability and low total cost of ownership,” Malone added.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years