Ryanair adds Google Flight Search to its expanding digital services

23 Jan 2014

A Ryanair Boeing 737-8AS comes in to land at Prague Václav Havel Airport. Photo via Senohrabek/Shutterstock

In the latest of a string of digital innovations to improve its service, Ryanair has teamed up with Google Flight Search to offer an easier way to compare fares for its routes and direct links to book on the airline’s website.

According to David Robles Fosg, business development principal for Google Travel, “Research suggests that users tend to visit around 20 different sites before they book a flight. Google wants to help improve the travel experience by drastically reducing the time wasted on researching and booking flights.”

The solution offered by the internet search giant is Google Flight Search, which allows users to compare a number of flight options from services worldwide – including, now, one of Europe’s largest airlines.

Ryanair’s partnership with Google Flight Search will allow users in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Canada and the US to view prices for flights in their local currency, while Irish users will see prices in US dollars. Ryanair flights to and from 186 airports in Europe and north Africa, amounting to 1,600 routes, will be included in search results that will be listed by relevance and price.

Using an interactive map, Google Flight Search allows users to view live ticket prices and to filter results by price, airline, duration and date.

Google Flight Search with results from Ryanair

A screenshot of Google Flight Search in action, featuring results from Ryanair

Recently, Ryanair began rolling out changes to its services to bring it into the digital age and improve customers’ experiences. These changes include a new homepage for Ryanair.com, an updated booking system, improved customer registration, the introduction of mobile boarding passes and the launch of a mobile app. The airline has also planned a complete overhaul of its website in the coming months.

Ryanair image by Senohrabek via Shutterstock

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