Salman Rushdie wins battle over naming rights on Facebook

15 Nov 2011

Author 'Salman' Rushdie speaks with students

The world knows him as Salman Rushdie, but Facebook would have had him known as Ahmed Rushdie. But now the Booker prize-winning author claims to have won a battle with Facebook over the right to use his middle name, to call himself ‘Salman Rushdie’ on his Facebook profile.

Rushdie was fighting Facebook’s strict real name policy and brought his campaign to Twitter.

He believes bringing his campaign to Twitter was instrumental in Facebook allowing him to use his middle name.

He tweeted last night: “Victory! #Facebook has buckled! I’m Salman Rushdie again. I feel SO much better. An identity crisis at my age is no fun. Thank you Twitter!”


He then subsequently tweeted that Facebook even apologised over the affair.

“Just received an apology from The #Facebook Team. All is sweetness and light.”

Salman 2

Rushdie’s battle with Facebook

Rushdie’s battle with Facebook reached its epoch over the weekend, when the social networking giant even deactivated his account because it didn’t believe it was him.

Facebook only reactivated his account as Ahmed Rushie when he sent the company a photo of his passport.

He will henceforth be known on Facebook as Salman Rushdie.