Samsung Q320’s quiet beauty

14 Sep 2009

The Q320 is one of two new recent laptop releases from Samsung and its 13.4-inch frameless high-def 16:9 screen is pretty nice, as is the thin, minimalist chassis design with SuperSilent mode.

This notebook only weighs 2.2kg but it has up to 4.6 hours of battery life due in part to its power efficient LED display.

As part of Samsung’s pared-down ethos for the Q320, it has a slot load Optical Disk Drive (ODD), like the MacBook.

Shh …

Here’s something new: there is an option to run in SuperSilent Mode in case you’re in a meeting or at the library, and you have the choice to set the processor to “low,” so that the noise of the cooling fan will drop dramatically.

This laptop also has a combo USB/eSATA port as well as a regular USB slot. Nice, considering that eSATA is up to six times faster than USB 2.0.

Look, no germs!

One more thing (This isn’t trademarked, is it Steve?) … the keyboard has a special antibacterial coating so grubby fingers, croissant crumbs and blobs of latte foam will not make you sick as you bite your nails in between typing.

Price: from €749 inc VAT
Available: from Elara Online

By Marie Boran, via