Samsung reveals US$2.7m challenge to smart phone app developers

22 Dec 2009

A massive US$2.7m global prize fund has been compiled for a Developer Challenge for mobile app developers who will develop winning apps for the forthcoming Samsung app marketplace, code-named ‘bada.’

Samsung bada – meaning Ocean in Korean – is a driving force in accomplishing Samsung’s vision of a ‘smartphone for everyone’.

Samsung bada offers a feature-rich platform for enhanced mobile experiences for consumers, and a complete mobile ecosystem through a developer support programme that both the application store and consumers will benefit from.

“We are very excited about the launch of Samsung bada smartphone platform,” said Gary Twohig country manager for Samsung Mobile Ireland.

“The first Samsung device to incorporate this platform will be a flagship phone due to launch throughout Europe in April 2010 which will allow free access for the user to download killer apps to experience on their Samsung phone.

“Early in the New Year we will be engaging directly with the Irish developer community and we will look to actively support Irish developers to create and publish their applications on bada. What we are passionate about is encouraging the development of applications which are relevant and useful to the Irish mobile phone user”

Twohig explained that Samsung bada enables developers to take full advantage of mobile device capabilities to create compelling applications with ease. Applications can use device functions to make phone calls, send messages, or access the contact list.

“In creating Samsung bada, I believe that Samsung will become a true leader in the mobile industry; offering a wider range of smartphone choices for consumers,” explained Dr Hosoo Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of the Media Solution Center at Samsung Electronics.

“At the same time, Samsung bada presents a powerful opportunity for developers to get their applications onto an unprecedented number of Samsung devices across the world,” Dr Lee said.

Based on Samsung’s signature TouchWiz User Interface, Samsung bada platform provides an easy, simple, and intuitive UI without compromising efficiency. To enhance creativity and user interactivity, Samsung bada provides flash control, web control, motion sensing, fine-tuned vibration control, and face detection.

Also, it supports sensor-based, context-aware applications. By using various sensors such as accelerometers, tilt, weather, proximity, and activity sensors, application developers can easily implement context-aware interactive applications.

Samsung bada differentiates its position by supporting various service-centric features such as social networking, device synchronisation, content management, location-based services, and commerce services – all supported by back-end bada servers. These ground-breaking developer-friendly features support developers to implement various services without additional effort.

Also, various service applications can share information such as personal profiles, social relations, schedules, or contents with a simple user confirmation in order to provide services with greater personal relevance and cooperative service extension. The flexibility of the bada platform makes it applicable to a wider range of devices than any other mobile operating system.

The Developer Challenge is the first chance for developers to win a share of a US$2.7m prize fund, by using the features of the new bada platform to build a wide variety of applications for bada devices. The competition is one of the largest ever for developers of mobile software and is testament to Samsung’s commitment to the new bada platform.

Samsung is also set to announce a series of Developer Days to take place across the world during 2010. Open to all developers, the initial events will be held in Seoul, London and San Francisco, with more events following as the year progresses.

Samsung are working directly with a number of major development partners on content for bada including micro blogging service Twitter, movies and games rental outlet Blockbuster, video and iconic games developers CAPCOM, EA Mobile, and Gameloft .

By John Kennedy


John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years