Samsung to mass produce transparent LCD screens

5 Apr 2011

The future is … transparent! Samsung has begun manufacturing see-through LCD screens. The advanced tech is 90pc more energy efficient than traditional LCD screens.

The company sees the transparent screens having a diverse usage in a terms of industry and consumer tech applications.

The transparent panels will come in either black and white or colour and will have a contrast ratio of 500:1 with WSXGA+ (1,680 x 1,050) resolution.

The displays will be 22 inches in size and will have a transparency rate of 20pc for monochrome panels and 15pc for colour. Standard LCD displays have 5pc.

The future of LCD

“Transparent displays will have a wide range of use in all industry areas as an efficient tool for delivering information and communication,” Samsung senior vice-president for LCD Younghwan Park explained.

“With the world’s first mass production of the transparent LCD panel, Samsung plans to lead the global transparent LCD market by developing various applications.”

Samsung is working hard to boost the performance of its LCD division, which is currently impacting the profitability of the Korean tech giant as margins have been squeezed.

According to reports, Samsung will likely report its lowest operating performance in seven quarters for the first quarter amid weak performance of its flat-panel division and lacklustre demand for TVs.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years