Schmap schmoozes with iPhone … schmiPhone?

14 May 2008

Provider of free digital travel guides, UK firm Schmap, has been around since 2004 and during this time has managed to create comprehensive interactive city guides for 200 destinations worldwide.

Users can now take these guides with them on their holidays because Schmap has just launched a version designed to work specifically with the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

The special feature that works on the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch is called Rotate ‘N Map and basically lists Schmap’s city guide or local search when the handset is held vertically, but automatically switches to a view where these locations are dynamically listed on map when the iPhone is rotated.

The iPhone Schmap service can be accessed from the handsets mobile web browser, Safari, and does not require any application to be downloaded.

Schmap provides both online guides and free downloadable ones which sit on the desktop. It also lets users embed Schmap widgets on their blog or website that are specialised to represent anything from a mapped out tour guide for a rock band to maps showing famous landmarks around the world.

There is also user generated functionality allowing users to create and publish their own personalised maps for an itinerary or occasion, so if you have a friend coming to visit Ireland from the US you can create their own personal map based on places you think they would like to visit.

By Marie Boran