Search engine optimisation made simple?

27 Oct 2008, an online marketing software solutions company, has launched a product that hopes to make the job of reporting on search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns a lighter task, and result in cost savings and improved website rankings to boot.

Its ‘All in One SEO Workbench’ product, which is delivered using the software-as-a-service business model, automates the manual work and allows users to generate customised reports for their target websites. These reports then allow users to easily see how well each website is optimised and what its visibility level is.

“Simply put, All in One SEO Workbench analyses your website from the point of view of why aren’t more people coming to your website,” says CEO Peter Cullen (pictured).

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The product is targeted at web design, internet marketing, PR and advertising agencies. The benefits it provides SEO professionals include increased productivity in SEO project implementation, improved SEO results and improved online brand awareness.

Cullen explains that it is specifically designed to make three different roles easier: “Firstly, for the SEO professional, whose previously manual work on the website such as keyword or competitor analysis is now automated; secondly, for the project manager, whose managing of multiple campaigns for different clients can be facilitated in the one place and can include the viewing of trends over specified lengths of time; and finally, for the business development manager, who can run a scaled-down analysis of a target website to attract new clients.”

Currently based at NovaUCD, the Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre at UCD, was founded by Cullen in January 2007. His team includes an online marketing specialist, marketing officer, CFO with extensive start-up experience and a four-man development group. He hopes to spin out from NovaUCD in the next three months.

The SEO Workbench project was in development from January last year. “I used to do all this manual work as a consultant, so the requirement grew out of that,” Cullen explains. “I had felt the frustration of doing all this work manually myself. There are lots of small individual tools out there that will let you run parts of a typical SEO campaign, but nothing brings it all together. The hardest challenge is showing the business owner the work you are doing in a way that they can understand – website design companies and internet marketing agencies need a way of communicating what work needs to be done and denote the time that this needs.”

Cullen estimates that SEO Workbench can save up to two days per month per SEO project. “If you think of the amount of manual work that goes into a typical SEO campaign, such as website analysis, backlink analysis, competitor analysis and keyword analysis the automation of these tasks can save significant time and associated costs.”

Cullen believes SEO Workbench’s USP is its ability “to bring together in one easy format the reporting of the work that you have done or to do – so you don’t have to send multiple different reports to your client anymore. The biggest challenge with SEO is that it is hard to demonstrate where the money is being spent. This is what one of the implementations of this product allows you to do”.

The product is being used commercially now by internet marketing, web design and PR companies in Ireland and the UK. “We are also talking to traditional advertising agencies because their clients’ ad spend is moving from more traditional media to online media.”

Additional features are being added to the SEO Workbench on an ongoing basis. “As we gather more feedback from SEO professionals we are continually evolving the product roadmap,” added Cullen. is currently developing an online reputation management module for All-in-One SEO Workbench, which may be of particular interest to PR and traditional agencies. “Companies are really struggling with all the different social media where people can talk about them in a positive and negative way. If people want to track what these websites are saying about their product or service, we are starting to track references to it in sites like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace. We are also working on the facility to develop and distribute press releases from within the system.” These new modules, Cullen estimates, will be ready by the end of the year.

“We’ve got some feedback from customers that say there’s nothing like this on the market. There are competitors, for sure, but nothing that provides the same intuitive dashboard display that makes it easy to read.”

By Linda Gillett

Pictured: CEO, Peter Cullen

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