Selfie syndrome – How social media is making us narcissistic (infographic)

4 Dec 20131.7k Views

People who use social networks Twitter and Facebook the most often are also the most narcissistic, according to a new infographic that cites results from two studies.

When it comes to Facebook, 18-25-year-old users who frequently updated their statuses, posted pictures of themselves, and used quotes or mottos to glorify themselves drew a higher narcissism score in a study that used the Narcissism Personality Inventory and Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale.

College undergraduates who posted most often on Twitter also scored higher in narcissism in a University of Michigan study. Since Twitter is used, in part, to broadcast a user’s views and broaden his or her social circle, this leads him or her to over-evaluate the importance of their opinions, according to the findings.

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The infographic begins by defining and providing signs of narcissism, then lists negative effects of social media, and highlights the studies on Facebook and Twitter users.

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Tina Costanza has held senior editorial positions at daily newspapers in Ottawa and Toronto