Sharp at cutting edge with slim-line LCD TVs

20 May 2008

Sharp’s newest range of slim-line Aquos LCD TVs have been unveiled for the summer with three new additions: 37-, 42- and 46-inch screens.

The 37- and 42-inch models of this high-definition (HD) ready TV taper to 94.6mm at the thinnest part, despite having such a large screen and also come with a built-in Freeview tuner for fine tuning on digital TV reception.

Designed to work with next-generation games consoles and the high-def Blu-ray player for up-to-date home entertainment, the slim-line Aquos also has a design-conscious glossy, black frame.

The largest model, the X8 series, at 46 inches, is still designed to save on space, compared with other TV models in its category.

“We have recognised the demand for larger, slim-line LCD TVs for the home – so all our new ranges have been designed with this in mind,” said Tommaso Monetto, LCD product manager at Sharp.

“We want our TVs to pack all the technological punch people have come to expect from Sharp, whilst offering a jaw-dropping appearance.”

There are no pricing details on this Slim Line Aquos range but the TVs will be available in the UK from sometime this month.

By Marie Boran