Should you accept that Facebook friend request? (infographic)

19 Apr 2012

A tongue-in-cheek infographic is helping Facebook users by mapping out whether or not they should accept certain friend requests.

The infographic published by CollegeHumor on charts friend requests from three groups of people: Peer, Family and Other, and poses several questions to help the reader determine whether or not to accept a friend request from an individual within these groups.

“Who’s that person that sent you the Facebook friend request and should you accept or deny their request for permission into your personal online life?” an introduction to the infographic reads.

The questions on the actual infographic begin with the basic, “Who are they to you?” and progress to inquiries such as “Did they attend the ‘school of hard knocks'”, and “Is it immediately evident that they play FarmVille and/or subscribe to a daily horoscope app?”

The infographic comes in the wake of news that may have Facebook users thinking about Facebook friendships, such as the reports of some employers asking job candidates for their Facebook login and passwords (imagine a potential boss taking in a photo of your best mate swinging from a chandelier), and a study that suggests the more Facebook friends you have, the more likely you are to be narcissistic.

Facebook infographic

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic