Silicon Valley entrepreneur McAfee touches down in US

13 Dec 2012

After more than a month on the run, former Silicon Valley entrepreneur John McAfee arrived in Miami, Florida, after being deported from Guatemala. He is now residing in a South Miami hotel awaiting further legal proceedings concerning his alleged involvement in a murder case in Belize.

McAfee (67) was arrested last week in Guatemala with his 20-year-old girlfriend Samantha Venegas for illegally entering the country.

Police in Belize are seeking McAfee to help them with their enquiries into the death of his neighbour Gregory Faull, also an American.

While he has not been described as a suspect, he has been named as a ‘person of interest’ in the Faull murder investigation.

McAfee claimed he went on the run because he believes the Belizean government is framing him for the murder of Faull and that it wished to extort US$2m in bribes from him.

McAfee went on the run and kept a blog of his travails. He brought journalists from Vice Magazine along with him and it was a photo in one of the articles that betrayed his presence in Guatemala.

According to the blog, McAfee said he had been “forcibly separated from Sam.”

According to reports, McAfee was escorted off the plane in Miami and brought to a taxi rank.

McAfee wasn’t arrested by customs or border authorities in the US because while he is a person of interest in the Faull case there is no arrest warrant to justify his detention.

Miami skyline image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years