Snapseed editing now available on Google+ in Chrome web browser

12 Sep 2013

Google has introduced photo-editing tools powered by Snapseed to images posted on Google+ using the Chrome desktop browser, bringing the desktop experience in line with mobile.

Snapseed photo editing was previously added to Google+ apps for Android earlier this year, and now Google+ users in Chrome will be able to customise and fine tune Auto Enhance corrections just how they want them. Selective adjust tools will allow them to make edits to only parts of an image, while a variety of filters and frames provide a photo finish.

Users can also easily undo changes and revert to the original image.

Future Human

“This is basically Snapseed built for Chrome because of Chrome’s native client capabilities,” explained Google’s SVP of engineering Vic Gundotra in a Google+ status update announcing the changes.


The new features will soon roll out to all Google+ users who will then be able to select a photo and then click ‘Edit’ in Chrome to see the options and controls. In all other browsers, users will still be able to make basic changes, such as rotating or cropping images.

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic