Social media critical marketing tool for event planners – survey

15 Feb 2012

More than three-quarters (77pc) of event planners use social media to market their events, and another 14pc plan to do so in the next year, a survey from Constant Contact reveals.

The survey results also suggest that social media marketing has become a critical marketing tool for small businesses and non-profit organisations planning events.

That doesn’t mean traditional forms of event marketing have fallen by the wayside, however, as the survey indicates that event planners still rely on websites, email marketing, online event marketing tools and print advertising to promote their events.

Some 78pc of survey respondents believe social media is an important marketing tool for their events. In addition, most respondents using social media said their social media efforts to market events will increase in the next year (81pc), with the remainder reporting that their level of usage will remain the same.

“Event marketing has evolved. It’s no longer just direct mail invitations, phone calls and simply hoping that people will come,” said Chris Litster, vice-president and general manager of event marketing for Constant Contact.

“Now, it’s social media conversations, real-time communication and online video – true engagement across platforms to create a holistic event experience from start to finish.”

In the survey results, the most popular social medium is social network Facebook. A full 89pc of those who use social media to market their events use Facebook, followed by microblogging site Twitter (66pc), and business networking site LinkedIn (54pc).

Reliance on Twitter and LinkedIn appears to be increasing, however. Eight per cent plan to start using Facebook to promote events within the next year, while 13pc plan to use Twitter and 20pc plan to use LinkedIn.

Eighty-five per cent of respondents using social media have a Facebook fan page for their organisation, and another 11pc plan to create one soon.