Sony shuts down legendary Psygnosis game studios in Liverpool

22 Aug 2012

A 30-year pedigree in video game creation is hard to beat but sadly the Psygnosis development studio – Liverpool Studio – which has brought iconic games like the Wipeout series and Lemmings to the world is to close.

The closure of the studio is considered a major loss to the UK gaming industry in terms of its legacy of achievements and the talented creators who were based there.

The last game produced by the studio was Wipeout 2048 for the PlayStation Vita.

“As part of SCE Worldwide Studios, we do regular reviews to ensure that the resources we have can create and produce high quality, innovative and commercially viable projects in an increasingly competitive market place,” according to a Sony statement published on gaming site Kokatu.

“As part of this process, we have reviewed and assessed all current and planned projects for the short and medium term and have decided to make some changes to our European Studios.

“It has been decided that Liverpool Studio should be closed. Liverpool Studio has been an important part of SCE Worldwide Studios since the outset of PlayStation, and have contributed greatly to PlayStation over the years. Everyone connected with Liverpool Studio, past and present, can be very proud of their achievements.

“However, it was felt that by focusing our investment plans on other Studios that are currently working on exciting new projects, we would be in a stronger position to offer the best possible content for our consumers.

“Our Liverpool Facility will continue to operate, housing a number of other vital WWS!E and SCEE Departments,” Sony said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years