SoundTracking app unites Spotify and Instagram to make your memories sing (video)

22 Oct 2012

The growing SoundTracking social media community has just received a welcome boost with the news that a new SoundTracking for Spotify has been created that lets users unite songs with Instagram images and make moments in their timelines stand out.

At the Dublin Web Summit last week, Steve Jang from San Francisco, California-based Schematic Labs, co-founder of SoundTracking, explained that users can mark special moments by selecting songs or a playlist from their Spotify accounts and illustrate the moments with an Instagram picture and share it with friends.

“What we wanted to do was take the power of Spotify, which is a great music listening experience, and combine that with the social experience that is SoundTracking,” Jang said.

SoundTracking is an iOS app that was selected by Apple as the Best iPhone Music App of 2011. When the app was launched in November last year, it attracted 100,000 users within two weeks.

“We’ve been working with Spotify on this project for awhile. When you’re in the real world tagging and sharing songs, you can automatically create a Spotify playlist you or any of your friends can listen to. We also love Instagram and we integrated Instagram into the SoundTracking for Spotify experience.

“This is a passion product that we started hacking and it gained momentum and now we can take our favourite music and photo services and enhance the SoundTracking experience,” Jang said.


John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years