Star Wars vs Star Trek: which is technologically superior? (infographic)

30 Apr 2016

A wonderful new infographic endeavours to go where no geek has gone before: concluding which has superior tech: Star Wars or Star Trek

It has been a debate that has consumed sci-fi fans for decades, but which has the best technology, Star Wars or Star Trek?

Are you into lightsabers or phasers? Which are better, blasters or photon grenades? And do you rate The Force and mind control over the Vulcan neck pinch?

Well, a new infographic compiled by Best Online Engineering Degree has pulled together all the technologies, weapons, starships, weapons of mass destruction and a lot more.

It poses questions such as who had technological superiority, the Empire or the Federation?

Before you check out the infographic, enjoy this College Humour video depicting an encounter between the Federation and the Galactic Empire.

The eternal debate: Star Wars vs Star Trek


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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years