Steve Jobs to unveil iPhone 4G and more at WWDC

24 May 2010

Apple boss Steve Jobs is to return to the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference after having to miss last year’s event and is likely to come roaring back with the latest iPhone and no doubt new hardware and software products.

Apple said today that Jobs will provide a keynote address on 7 June at 10am at the WWDC.

This year’s WWDC sold out in a record eight days to more than 5,000 developers.

The five-day event running from 7-11 June is focused on providing advanced content for skilled developers across five key technology tracks: application frameworks; internet and web; graphics and media; developer tools; and core OS.

Apple engineers will deliver more than 100 solutions-oriented technical sessions and labs to thousands of iPhone, iPad and Mac developers from around the world.

Despite all the hullabaloo over a blog site paying US$5,000 to buy a lost iPhone 4G device that was found in a bar, the onset of the next-generation iPhone is one of several exciting new devices that Jobs has promised will come on-stream over the coming year.

Rumoured devices include an iPhone HD and lower-cost entry-level Macbooks.

By John Kennedy

Photo: Apple CEO Steve Jobs

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years