Storyful enters joint venture with Tweetminister

12 Oct 2011

Broadcaster Mark Little’s curated news service Storyful has entered into a partnership with high-profile UK political news aggregator Tweetminister that will see the two online brands collaborate and co-develop new apps.

Veteran journalist Mark Little, previously RTÉ’s Washington correspondent, established Storyful to help news junkies and news organisations make sense of the abundance of information on the web and on a multitude of social networking sites.

Tweetminister also provides a valuable service in helping people to navigate the tumultuous world of politics. Its founder Alberto Nardelli once explained it to “We aggregate the various political networks of MPs, candidates, spin doctors, journalists, bloggers – everyone with something to say about politics – to help people interact directly with these individuals.

“We are planning to launch tools to help people analyse all the various tweets that politicians, bloggers and journalists write.”

Through the partnership, Storyful and Tweetminster say they will integrate their respective technologies into each others’ B2B commercial services, effectively leveraging on each others’ sales pipelines.

The two companies have also announced plans to co-develop a new application that will be launched over the next few months.

Storyful uses journalism and curation to filter through social media and organise content and lists around breaking news events and topics, while Tweetminster’s technology analyses networks to identify and organise trends and content that is being shared by groups of experts and influencers around any topic, industry or market.

“Together, Storyful and Tweetminster aim to provide publishers with relevant and timely content and insight into news events, industries and topics, and users with the best and most useful content around their personal and professional interests,” they said this afternoon.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years