Tech tweets of the week

28 Apr 2012

A compilation of this past week’s Twitter messages – from the serious to the whimsical – from some top names in technology.

“I was going to go for a run this morning, but went for an extra sleep instead. Not sure how to input that in Fitocracy.”
–      John Collison, entrepreneur, co-founder of Stripe

“The Chinese embassy hurts my head.”
–      James Whelton, tech entrepreneur, CoderDojo co-founder and first person to hack the iPod Nano

Debating whether to do internal presentation tomorrow in Comic Sans to lift the mood.”
–      Charles Arthur, The Guardian’s technology editor

Now I know: Highfalutin is one word.”
–      Evan Williams, co-founder of Twitter

Every design decision you make has to be justified by an improvement to the user experience.”
–      Ben Parr, CNET columnist former editor of Mashable

What a freaking zoo it is up in this tin can. Remind me to never fly on a Saturday again.”
–      Jen Bekman, founder and CEO of 20×200

Four hours coding PowerPoint today. Shoot me now, please.”
–      Chuck Hollis, EMC CTO and blogger 

Whoever tells you that you’re no good, they’re no better.”
–      Art Jonak, CEO, Network Professionals

My inbox is out of control this morning. Stop emailing me, world.”
–      Tim Stevens, Engadget’s editor-in-chief