Tech tweets of the week

14 Apr 201280 Views

A compilation of this past week’s Twitter messages – from the serious to the whimsical – from some top names in technology.

“’Change in cabin pressure’ is a wonderfully calming euphemism. Certainly better than ‘if we lose ALL THE AIR ohmigod’".
-      John Collison, entrepreneur, co-founder of Stripe

“11hr flight and then 1hr immigration queue at LAX. I need a hug.”
-      Dylan Collins, executive chairman of Fight My Monster. Founder of Jolt Online, DemonWare + Phorest

Listening to Mozart at 7:11am after hacking away all night at something, has made me want a sandwich really badly. Really badly.”
-      James Whelton, tech entrepreneur, CoderDojo co-founder and first person to hack the iPod Nano

“I am sure Twitter will be delighted I won’t be around for Ireland’s Got No Talent tonight #dragonsden
-      Pat Phelan, director of products and innovation, MAXROAM

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Pretty soon Google+ will be renamed PlusBook.”
-      Damien Mulley, owner of Mulley Communications and organiser of the Web Awards and Social Media Awards

People accosting you on the street to give money to X cause are the offline version of pop-up ads.”
-      Kashmir Hill, tech writer at Forbes

“If I have one or two new insights a day, I’m doing well indeed.”
-      Chuck Hollis, EMC CTO and blogger 

Saw Hunger Games tonight. But if anyone asks, I was at a strip club or at a BBQ joint eating ribs or something.”
-      Zach Epstein, executive editor at BGR Media, LLC

Entrepreneur Mantra: Don’t think outside the box. Think like there is no box.”
-      Art Jonak, CEO, Network Professionals