Tech tweets of the week

16 Jun 2012

A compilation of this past week’s Twitter messages – from the serious to the whimsical – from some top names in technology.

I have two to do lists: one with tasks I’m going to do today, and one with tasks I really should get done today.”
–      John Collison, entrepreneur, co-founder of Stripe

“Every time I look at the popular tab on Instagram, my blood pressure triples.”
–      James Whelton, tech entrepreneur, CoderDojo co-founder and first person to hack the iPod Nano

“Hmm. Nokia have released a limited edition Batman Lumia. This presents me with the biggest dilemma of my life.”
–      Dylan Collins, executive chairman of Fight My Monster, founder of Jolt Online, DemonWare and Phorest

“Just had one of those awesome ‘what was that place in CT called again? Maybe it’s it in my foursquare/history? Oh yes it is!’ moments.”
–      Dennis Crowley, co-founder of foursquare

““These twitter #nascar ads make me want to buy a muscle shirt.”
–      Howard Lindzon, CEO and co-founder of Stockwits

Making a list of all the people I’d like not to think I’m an idiot, so to send them something that might be evidence. Yeah. Terrifying.”
–      Ben Hammersley, editor at large of the UK edition of WIRED magazine

Coming next year: WWFDC. Apple developers learn how to wrestle and develop in spangly outfits.”
–      Charles Arthur, The Guardian’s technology editor

Siri now does dishes! Empties trash Q4 2012.”
–      Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, co-founder and CEO of Milk Inc

I started Dell 28 yrs ago with $1000. Revenues in 1984 were $6 million. Last year $62.1 billion. Impossible is nothing.”
–      Michael Dell, chairman and CEO of Dell

“Started Moz in 2004 w/ ~$500K credit card funding (aka ‘debt’). Revenue that year was ~$100K. 2008 was ~$1mm. 2012 will be ~$20mm. #onward”
–      Rand Fishkin, CEO and founder of SEOmoz

Starbucks in Paris makes me sad.”
–      Katie Jacobs Stanton, head of international strategy at Twitter

Success Mantra: Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one reason why it will.”
–      Art Jonak, CEO, Network Professionals

I have a friend coming out of law school who wants to get into tech. Anybody looking for a lawyer with a background in Asian civilization?”
–      Ben Parr, CNET columnist and former editor of Mashable

Turbulence update: seatbelt light is back off. Flight attendants are back up and about. That was thoroughly disappointing.”
–      Tim Stevens, Engadget’s editor-in-chief

In a meeting with other Googlers in London. Sounds like they have a large screen set up to watch Euro 2012. :)”
–      Matt Cutts, Google engineer

Image of Twitter bird outline via Shutterstock