Teen admits trying to hire hitman via Facebook

14 Feb 2011

A 19-year-old is facing up to 22 years in prison after he agreed to a plea agreement on charges he used social networking site Facebook to try to hire a hit man to kill a woman who had accused him of rape.

Corey Christian Adams, from West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA, accepted the plea agreement Friday on charges of rape, criminal solicitation of murder, unlawful restraint and possession of an instrument of crime.

A woman (20), accused Adams in July of raping her after a party. She rang police to point out a posting on his Facebook page, offering $500 for “a girls head.”

Detective Stan Billie posed as a potential hitman, and offered Adams his services. Adams allegedly set up a meeting with the undercover officer, but did not follow through with the rendez-vous. According to the detective, however, Adams updated his status on Facebook not long after the scheduled meeting, stating he “needed this girl knocked off right now.”

Adams eventually admitted the status updates involved the woman who accused him of rape. He now faces 11 to 22 years in state prison.