Teen builds YouTube music player

2 Apr 2009

A 15-year-old American boy – with some help from his dad – has built what has been described as the world’s first YouTube music player, which mines the thousands of music videos on the site that aren’t slammed with removal notices from music labels.

Iowa –based David Nelson and his father Mark have built the Muziic Player, which can be downloaded for free and operates in a similar fashion to iTunes.

The Nelsons observed that while YouTube has embraced the music world and initiated the groundbreaking process that could potentially bring complete resolution to the conflicts of digital music, the YouTube end-user experience had not been optimised for a music fanatic.

By creating a YouTube-powered desktop media player and an accompanying community-driven website, the father-son team provided the YouTube music community with somewhere to play YouTube music.

On top of this, the Muziic ‘Encoder’ allows users to re-encode MP3 files with album artwork as ready-to-upload video files, in a manner that delivers unprecedented high-quality stereo audio and is easy for the user to use.

Muziic Encoder is included with each download of Muziic. It lets users simply drag and drop an MP3 audio file and optional JPG, PNG or BMP image file to the application.

Muziic Encoder will output the result as a stereo FLV format video file, displaying the user’s selected album artwork in the video.

According to the Nelsons, Muziic Encoder delivers the highest quality audio and little-to-no processing times for YouTube uploading.

Muziic ‘Protocol’ allows direct communication between the Muziic.com website and a user’s installed Muziic Player by reserving a URI handler (‘muziic:’) for users who have installed Muziic Player.

Throughout the site, various functions that interact with Muziic Player take advantage of Muziic Protocol. This allows users to ‘import’ playlists, channels, individual videos and more into their Muziic Player, directly from the Muziic website.

By John Kennedy