Tesco to sell 3 phones

30 Nov 2006

Retail giant Tesco has emerged as the latest partner to sell third-generation mobile operator 3 Ireland’s products and services throughout Ireland. The strategy will encompass 37 stores up and down the country.

“Tesco has had huge success selling mobile phones and we’re looking forward to seeing 3 fly off the shelves,” said Stuart Bruce, head of sales at 3.

Each store will sell 3’s pay-as-you-go handsets with access to the latest mobile data services from the company.

Handsets from manufacturers like Nokia, Sony Ericsson and LG will range from €89 to €229 and 3 customers can top up at Tesco for €10, €20, €30 or €40 increments.

“Today’s announcement means that Tesco customers now have the choice of the very latest 3G mobile technology across 37 of our stores at great value prices,” said Brian Harney, non-food buying manager at Tesco Ireland.

By John Kennedy