Thai Tims are back with song dedicated to Katie Taylor (video)

16 Aug 2012

Viral sensation the Thai Tims are back with a new ‘Song for Ireland’ dedicated to Olympic gold medal-winner Katie Taylor that can be download from iTunes. Half the proceeds from sales of the tune will go to a charity of Taylor’s choosing and the other half will go to the Good Child Foundation.

The Thai Tims, a class of more than 40 Thai schoolkids, are best known for their support of Celtic Football Club.

Thai Tims ‘Katie Taylor Song’ is available as a charity download from iTunes for less than €1.

The group burst onto the viral video scene earlier in the summer with a spirited rendition of Damien Dempsey’s The Rocky Road to Poland, achieving hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube. The Rocky Road to Poland by Damien Dempsey was chosen as the official Republic of Ireland song for the UEFA Euro 2012 campaign.


Fans of Celtic Football Club are among of the biggest supporters of the Good Child Foundation for whom the Thai Tims travel the world raising support.

The link between the Thai Tims and Celtic was strengthened by Celtic supporter Reamonn Gormley, who taught English in Thailand during a gap year, through the Good Child Foundation. Sadly Gormley was killed in a knife attack in Scotland last year.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years