The impact of the internet and social media on travel industry (infographic)

30 Jul 2012

In case there is still any doubt about the internet and social media’s impact on the travel industry comes a new infographic that illustrates social media’s influence on travellers, how travellers use the internet, and how social media has become a big part of vacations.

The infographic compiled and designed by and published on, more specifically, charts US online travel industry revenues, top online activities for travellers, the most popular post-vacation activities with respect to the internet/social media, and the usage of mobile phones for travel information.

A closer look at the infographic reveals more than half (62pc) of travellers researched an upcoming trip online, 70pc of travellers update their Facebook status while on vacation, and 76pc of travellers post vacation photos on a social network.


Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic