Titanic Belfast tickets sell out for Titanic anniversary

11 Apr 2012

Tickets for Titanic Belfast, the new interactive exhibition devoted to Titanic in Belfast, have sold out for the 100th anniversary this weekend of the ship’s sinking.

Tickets for Titanic Belfast will again be available on Monday, 16 April.

Belfast is the city in which Titanic was built, at Harland and Wolff shipyards, from 1909 to 1911. The location beside the Belfast Lough dockside is now home to Titanic Belfast, a £97m, six-storey building that resembles four prows of a ship with sliver steel panelling. Inside is what the people behind the exhibition call the “world’s largest Titanic visitor experience”.

Technology has played a large part in bringing Titanic Belfast’s displays to life. The exhibition features galleries which allow visitors to experience Titanic through sights, sounds and smells. For example, as the Guardian reported, sounds of riveting and the smell of burning metal.

In ‘The Shipyard’ gallery, visitors can also embark upon an electronic dark ride that uses special effects, animations and full-scale reconstructions to recreate the reality of shipbuilding in the early 1900s, according to Titanic Belfast.

CGI imagery is at work, too, illustrating Titanic’s opulent interior. Recordings help visitors explore the aftermath of the sinking, touchscreens unveil Titanic myths, and a look through a glass floor reveals video footage of Titanic on the seabed of the North Atlantic.

Titanic Belfast opened on 31 March 2012. The exhibit takes visitors through Titanic’s entire story, from her construction to her maiden and only voyage, to her fatal collision with an iceberg at 11.40pm on 14 April 1912 and sinking at 2.20am on 15 April 1912, to the discovery of the wreck.

Tickets for Titanic Belfast cost £13.50 for adults, £6.75 for children, £34 for families.

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic