Today, a new website for consumer technology is born

10 Nov 2008, sister site of, is the new home for gadget news and reviews because our readers take their business seriously, and the same goes for their tech toys.

After nine years of covering breaking technology news at, we have watched our readers’ appetite for gadget-related stories and product reviews grow exponentially. was born from a desire to give this audience a place of its own on the web, one dedicated to the exclusive coverage of consumer technology news and reviews.

Hundreds of new products are released every week into the growing consumer electronics market, and here at, our job and our passion is to keep you up to date on the latest in computing, mobile and gaming, as well as personal and home technology.

From breaking gadget news to in-depth video reviews and insights into digital culture and trends from around the world, will be your finger on the digital pulse. has experienced technology writers who know this market. We know what our audience want: the latest gadgets, gizmos, games and tech toys reviewed, rated, sourced and priced. We see the future, and it is gadget-shaped.

  • Gadget news as it happens
  • The latest tech toys reviewed and evaluated with our star rating
  • Video reviews on the must-have gadgets
  • Weekly digital culture podcast

Marie Boran, editor,