Top 5 tech leaders to follow on Pinterest

4 Apr 2012

Pinterest, the online bulletin board phenomenon, has created another medium from which the public can “follow” people they find of interest, just like they can do so on Facebook or Twitter.

The difference with Pinterest, however, is that it offers an additional – and more visual – glimpse inside the minds and fascinations of people, tech leaders included. A socially acceptable form of voyeurism, may we ponder? presents its list of five tech leaders to follow on Pinterest. Who knew that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg seems to be a prolific pinner, or that Craigslist founder Craig Newmark appears to be fascinated by squirrels?

Name: Paul Sciarra

Who: Co-founder of Pinterest, soon-to-be “Entrepreneur-in-Residence” at Andreessen Horowitz

Number of boards: 12

Some things he pins about: Art, films, interiors, rap music, New York City restaurants, objects of desire

Most interesting board: Punboard – a board featuring illustrated puns.

Paul Sciarra

Name: Mark Zuckerberg

Who: CEO of Facebook

Number of boards: 26

Some things he pins about: Tech, places, notable companies, food/recipes, inspirational design, inspirational buildings

Most interesting board: Keep Calm and … – a collection of posters featuring modifications of “Keep Calm and Carry On”, such as, “Keep Calm and Call Batman”.

Mark Zuckerberg

Name: Kevin Rose

Who: Co-founder of Revision3, Digg, Pownce, and Milk

Number of boards: 13

Some things he pins about: Tech, design, cars, home objects, rings (as in the jewelry)

Most interesting board: The Cha – a board featuring tea-related innovations (for example, a teapot with a built-in heater).

Kevin Rose

Name: Craig Newmark

Who: Founder of Craigslist

Number of boards: 8

Some things he pins about: Books, birds, TV programmes, networking across the world, miscellany

Most interesting board: Squirrels – yes, a board devoted to the bushy-tailed creatures.

Craig Newmark

Name: Joshua Topolsky

Who: Editor-in-chief of The Verge

Number of boards: 5

Some things he pins about: Art, design, spaces

Most interesting board: Pweets – a board that attempts to use Pinterest as “a social information engine instead of a shopping assistant”.

Joshua Topolsky

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic