Top Gear episodes will be available to rent on Facebook

24 Aug 2011

Episodes of Top Gear will be available to rent on Facebook, costing 15 Facebook credits each.

The Guardian reports that episodes of the BBC car show will be available on a video-on-demand app for Facebook, letting fans rent episodes for 48 hours.

BBC Worldwide will initially offer three episodes – the Polar Special, US Road Trip and Vietnam Road Trip. They will roll out other episodes as time goes on.

Episodes will cost 15 Facebook credits, which can be purchased within an app or through the payment tab within a user’s account settings.

Top Gear through Facebook will be available for users in Europe, the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

BBC Worldwide piloted the scheme last month, making episodes of Doctor Who available to rent on the social network. It sees Facebook as an ideal channel to help strengthen their relationship with their viewers.

“Millions of people engage with their favourite TV shows on Facebook every day and we’re now seeing broadcasters look at innovative ways to use Facebook tools to connect their fans with exclusive content,” said Christian Hernandez, director of Platform Partnerships for Facebook previously.

Separately, the FA Cup’s ‘first kick’ match between Ascot United and Wembley FC will be streamed live on Facebook from Budweiser’s fan page.