Toshiba tablet returns spark retailer price hike

15 Nov 2010

It has been reported online that Dixons has been attempting to dissuade customers from purchasing the Toshiba Folio 100 Android Tablet due to high rates of return on the product.

The reports claim that a snap of Dixon’s internal EPoS system reveals that the tablets have apparently been hiked in price to turn customers off purchasing.

The retailer cited a number of issues with the tablet as opposed to one main problem and urged customers with faulty Folio 100s to give them feedback via the online store medic site.


The Folio 100 is no longer appearing on the Dixons website when searches are conducted.

Toshiba is said to be aware of the reports regarding the tablet and is working on providing a solution.

Toshiba only recently began distribution of the Folio 100 in Europe but could now be facing a mass recall should there be inherent issues plaguing the line.