Traditional media key to mobile content profitability

27 Feb 2008

The best way to monetise mobile content is to tie it in with traditional media content, analyst firms Parks Associates and Entertainment Technology Centre have declared.

The research firms launched a report suggesting the way to make mobile content profitable is to use it to aggressively promote content on traditional media. Free mobile content tied in with movies and TV programming can stimulate interest in these traditional media products, as well as smoothing the way for future paid-for mobile content such as ‘mobisodes’ of TV shows, they said.

Parks Associates noted that less than 10pc of internet users are willing to purchase a digital movie download at current prices. The report, entitled How Hollywood Can Out-Apple Apple, suggested content owners adopt Apple’s tactics of offering bargain content in order to sell higher-margin products.

“Hollywood shouldn’t let Apple make all the money, especially since they are the ones making the movies,” said John Barrett, director of research at Parks Associates. “Judicious use of free mobile content can help drive ticket and DVD sales.”

“Many content owners have tried repurposing TV and movie content on mobile and have largely been disappointed by the revenues on those platforms,” said David Wertheimer, executive director of the Entertainment Technology Centre. “While we believe wholeheartedly in ‘anytime/anywhere’ availability of content, we also know that these devices, when content is produced specifically for them, can create opportunities for marketing and selling content elsewhere, especially now, while consumer habits are just taking shape.”

By Niall Byrne