Twitter currently not accepting political ads

30 Sep 2010

Twitter’s roll out of advertising services, such as Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trends, is not open to political advertisers.

The gradual roll out has been offered to brands such as Starbucks and Disney.

But while Twitter is driving their fundraising efforts, the site won’t be seeing political advertising for some time.

“Twitter is not accepting political advertisers right now,” said Eric Frenchman, chief internet strategist at Republican consulting firm Connell Donatelli.

Frenchman had inquired about buying Promoted tweets for the Republican’s current campaign. A Twitter ad salesperson said it “could change any minute, any day.”

A spokesperson from Twitter said that political advertisers would not be able to avail of these services for “this political cycle.”

“We only have a limited group of brands currently using and testing the platform,” the spokesperson told ClickZ News.

“We are testing carefully with this select group before rolling the platform out more broadly.

“During this time there all sorts of companies, organisations and categories that aren’t yet able to advertise on Twitter,” said the spokesperson.

Frenchman said that Twitter’s current services may not suit everyone’s needs.

“Right now, they told me they couldn’t target to the country level, so in politics, I don’t think that would be useful,” said Frenchman.

“I think that eliminates a lot of advertisers.”