Twitter ditches 140 character limit for DMs, ushering in a new era

12 Jun 2015

From July, Twitter direct messages (DMs) will no longer be constrained by a 140-character limit as the site moves towards an email-like private platform.

Twitter is in the midst of great change given that the company’s CEO Dick Costolo has decided to step aside, and now it wants to make changes to the actual front-end service, at least when it comes to DMs.

Speaking of the change, Twitter’s development team said it is giving developers using the Twitter API some time to make the right adjustments before the switchover.

“We encourage you to test and deploy the above changes in advance, but you won’t be able to send longer DMs until we launch in July,” the post said. “In the coming weeks though, we will update this post to include directions on how to test these changes, as well as a more specific launch date.”

The move seems like an inevitable change given that, while the visible front-end of the micro-blogging site is popular for its 140-character limit, its DM section is often considered a place where networking takes place between handles.

This decision will likely usher in Twitter as a giant Rolodex for people looking to speak directly with a follower or someone they follow in a more detailed way, rather than having to break up a message over multiple parts.

Conversations image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic