Twitter rolls out new online safety resources hub

21 Jul 2015

Twitter has been steadily building up its online safety resources

Twitter has created a new Safety Centre resource for anyone to learn about online safety on Twitter and across the wider digital world.

The result of a collaboration with online safety experts, the new Safety Centre is organised around Twitter’s tools and policies, with sections specially created for teens, parents and teachers.

The new resource comes on the heels of changes to its reporting mechanisms, an overhaul of how Twitter reviews user reports and an improved blocking feature.

“These resources should help you quickly understand how to manage your experience on Twitter and also understand how the community and Twitter take action together when our policies are violated,” said Patricia Cartes, head of global trust and safety outreach at Twitter.

Slaying trolls

The move also comes months after outgoing CEO Dick Costolo hit out at Twitter’s own responses to dealing with trolls, especially in the aftermath of the #gamergate controversy where commentators like Lindy West, Anita Skarkeesian and Brianna Wu endured online harassment.

Costolo pointed out that the social media site risked losing core users by not addressing these issues.

“As Twitter evolves along with the world of online safety, we will continue to create new materials for the Safety Centre,” Cartes said.

“And since we are a global community, in the coming weeks the Safety Centre will be translated into some of the most-used languages on Twitter and even more languages over time.”

Online safety image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years