Twitter rolls out ‘suggested followers’

3 Aug 2010

With more than 100 million users on Twitter and the milestone of 20 billion tweets passed in the last few days, it can be difficult for newbies to find relevant tweets and followers, so the microblogging service is remedying the situation.

The new Twitter service – Suggestions for You – works by suggesting relevant accounts to the individual user based on several factors, including people you already follow and people they follow.

These twitterers will be suggested both on the homepage and the ‘Find People’ section with a ‘Since you just followed X, you might also want to follow Y’ notice. In order to ensure users do not get bombarded with suggestions repeatedly, you can hide these suggestions if you’re not interested.

This is also the latest in Twitter’s addition to the API (Application Programming Interface), so that developers can incorporate it into their web, desktop or mobile apps.