Twitter shortens tweets with links by up to two charact

21 Feb 201360 Views

Twitter users who include a link with their tweets will now have to keep their missives down to as few as 117 characters, now that the microblogging site has tweaked its link-shortening service.

The change, which developers announced back in December, has been made to Twitter’s built-in link-shortener,

Twitter’s URL shortener uses 20 characters per link, and 21 if the link begins with ‘https’ as opposed to ‘http’.

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Now, links are being lengthened to a maximum of 22 or 23 characters, which leaves Twitter users with 117 characters to work with if they’re including a link in their tweets.

Twitter users can still use the original 140-character limit if they are just tweeting text. The 140 characters allow tweets to be sent within the 160-character limit for texts, with the extra 20 characters being used for the system.

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