Twitter to launch ‘Tweet Button’

12 Aug 2010

Twitter is set to release an official Tweet Button, which will allow users to share websites and count how many times a URL has been retweeted.

The Tweet Button can be installed on to any website, requiring only a single line of code to integrate it, and it aims to be the most comprehensive aggregator of retweets online.

It is said that it may be launched today.

The button is available in three sizes – 110 by 20 pixels, 55 by 20 pixels, and 55 by 63 pixels –and will have five customisation options.

This new button could affect TweetMeme, which has been offering a similar service since 2008

Last month, the company released a pro version of TweetMeme, allowing publishers to re-brand and customize the interface. It charges companies up to US$5,000 for the service.

With Twitter’s release of an official button, TweetMeme could find themselves directly competing with the microblogging giant.