Twitter users declare lenten sacrifices

21 Feb 2012

Some people are giving up social networking for Lent

If you’re giving up chocolate and swearing for Lent and think it will be a hard slog, you’re not alone. has had a trawl through Twitter to see what people are giving up during the 40 days before Easter.

Chocolate, swearing, coffee, fast food and even social media are the most popular vices Twitter users are vowing to stay away from starting tomorrow, Ash Wednesday, until Easter Sunday on 8 April. Here’s a sampling:

Cramming in as many biscuits as I can today because I’m giving them up for 40 days.

Giving up talking to people online that I haven’t met in real life for #lent so yeah bye.

Giving up McDonald’s for #lent. Not Mexican food.

Giving up CARROTS for #lent LOL

I’m going to give up cursing and speeding.

Is giving up, giving up for #Lent

Giving up fast food is going to kill me, only allowed Chinese.

Consuming a variety of chocolate today before giving it up for 40 days.

I am on the Candida Diet, so there is not much left. I am going to give up my sarcasm.

Giving up Facebook and Twitter for Lent. Over and out.

Last. Day. With. Nutella & Red Velvet. #AHHHHHHHH #lent

I am going to eat so much rubbish today seeing as I am pretty much giving everything up tomorrow.

For #Lent I will give up ‘swear words’ except for when in context.

I’m giving up soda for #Lent tomorrow so excuse me while I carry this two-litre around with me today.

Today is the last day I am drinking coffee for 40 days. Bring it on!

#Lent approaches, enjoy cheese now!