Twitter users have fun with Diamond #Jubilee

4 Jun 2012

Queen Elizabeth II

Thousands of people may have gathered along the River Thames in London yesterday to watch Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee River Pageant and a healthy number took to Twitter, as well, to have some fun tweeting about celebrations marking the Queen’s 60 years as monarch, causing #Jubilee to become a trending topic on the microblogging site.

While many tweets reflected on the rainy weather in London yesterday and the festive air surrounding the pageant, here are a few of the chuckle-inducing tweets that poured into the #Jubilee stream:

“Dear London, I have just travelled from the South Bank to Camden and can safely say, you are drunk.”
– @Karl_ls

“I’m completely off my face on crumpets.”
– @Dan_Clark

“I’d pay £10,000 to see Philip and Her Majesty do the Jack and Rose Titanic bow scene at the front of their barge.”
– @JRhodesPianist

“Looks like the royal barge would serve great Thai food.”
– @OfficialBanker

“‘We’re British! The rain didn’t dampen our spirits!’ Maybe not, but the bloody pneumonia will.”
– @BobJWilliams

“Jubilee song contained more corn than your average can from the Jolly Green Giant.”
– @David_M_Oakley

– @gllaos

“Outdoor events in England are never the best idea.”
– @theandyappleton

“Drinking tea out of a #jubilee mug I’ll have bored of tomorrow.”
– @Matisse

“Pics of people wearing ‘Thanks for the day off T-shirts’. Seriously?”
– @Chr1sR0berts

The Diamond Jubilee celebrations, which began on Saturday, wrap up tomorrow, 5 June.

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic