TwitterPeek brings unlimited tweets for life

3 Nov 2009

Tweetaholics (ahem) will rejoice when they hear the first-ever dedicated Twitter device, TwitterPeek, has been brought out by Peek, the guys behind the best-selling mobile emailing device.

The bad news is that TwitterPeek is not yet available in Ireland (US-only for now) but the good news is that for those lucky enough to be able to get one for US$199.99 you have an unlimited Twitter connection for the lifetime of the gadget.

What it offers

This is with no need for a Wi-Fi connection, data plan or contract, so unlike using Twitter on the go on your mobile phone, you wouldn’t have to worry about racking up data charges or using up your text-message bundle with tweets.

The TwitterPeek device is “always-on” so the latest tweets are always being pushed to your device, and if the US$199.99 price tag seems a bit much you can always go for the other option of a US$99 device with six months of unlimited service and a subsequent US$7.95 per month contract-free fee.

The only downside is that although there is Twitpic integration for viewing images, you can’t browse the web, but it does have a kick-ass battery life of three to four days. Oh, and you can only have one Twitter account per device so this is not for those monitoring several brands from different accounts.

Shortcut buttons

If, like me, Twitter is part of your life, then you’ll love the fact there are dedicated shortcut buttons for replying, retweeting and DM’ing friends, as well as shortcuts for jumping straight to a list of your own @’s or DMs.

The best bit? The TwitterPeek comes in Twitter’s signature turquoise blue colour as well as charcoal grey and cherry red!

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By Marie Boran

Photo: The first-ever dedicated Twitter device, TwitterPeek.