Two friends start Kickstarter campaign to fund ‘Guinness Challenge’

16 Oct 2014

Two Pennsylvanian friends are preparing to test their body’s limits by undergoing what they’re calling ‘The Guinness Challenge’ and drinking nothing but the black stuff for about a week.

To fund the ‘experiment’, the duo are looking to raise US$500 (€392) via Kickstarter. The money will go towards purchasing the stout, which they’ll consume for every meal for a minimum five days.

“Me and my friend are going to only drink Guinness beer for 5 days (or more?) and record the results,” wrote participant Chris Konow.

“Me and Bryan want to see if we can only consume Guinness beer for a week. Guinness is expensive and that’s why need a Kickstarter.

“We need to drink it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That’s about 10 cases of 400ml cans. We are going to keep up to date logs of how we are doing. We hope we make it out of this alive.”

At time of writing, the pair were up to just US$19 of their required total but donations can be made up until 14 November.

God speed, Chris and Bryan.

Guinness image via Shutterstock

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic