U2 reveals massive Facebook and Twitter tagging project

17 Feb 2011

A band that always thrusts itself to the edge of technological innovation with every new album, Irish rockers U2 have revealed a new social media that allows concert goers to tag themselves via email, Twitter or Facebook.

The project is not too far removed from what Orange did at Glastonbury last year using a high-powered camera that allows you to zoom in to every single fan in the stadium.

A giant panoramic image of U2’s latest concert in Johannesburg allows users to zoom into the crowd and see if they can spot themselves.

Once they find themselves in the massive picture, they can then tag themselves via email, Twitter or Facebook to mark the occasion indelibly in the history books.

The images were taken on what is known as a Gigapixel camera that provides sufficient quality to zoom anywhere in the stadium and see yourself in perfect quality.

U2 gigapixelism

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years