Uber allowing developers to embed ride-sharing service into any app

18 Mar 2015

E-hailing app Uber has announced it will be allowing its service to be embedded into third-party applications.

Developers who wished to incorporate ride-sharing into their software were previously required to provide a link that opened up the Uber app. But by introducing a feature called ‘Request Endpoints’, the company is enabling third-party apps to “incorporate the entire Uber experience”.

The move could, in theory, greatly benefit apps used by travellers, allowing them to book a ride while utilising the original software.

“We are eager to make this endpoint available because we know how satisfying it is to create technology that impacts the physical world,” wrote Uber’s Scott Woolsey Biggart in a blog post.

“Putting this power in the hands of developers has our imaginations running wild. Should an Uber be waiting immediately after your last meeting of the day? Will someone create a way to request a car with just a simple SMS? We have no idea what you might build, but we cannot wait to find out.”

Uber has been on the charm offensive as of late following a string of controversies and negative headlines that have surrounded the US$40bn-valued company.

The alleged rape of a woman in Delhi by an Uber driver in December saw the city ban the app, with countries such as Spain and The Netherlands following suit.

In December, Los Angeles and San Francisco (the company’s hometown) filed lawsuits accusing Uber of “making false or misleading statements to consumers and for engaging in a variety of business practices that violate California law”.

San Francisco image via Shutterstock

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic