UK course to train detectives on social media

29 Oct 2010

The National Policing Improvement Agency in the UK has made improvements to its detective training, which includes training on how to track down suspects through social media and other web technologies.

The updated training will include how trainee detectives can best gather evidence from technology, including social networking sites, computers and mobiles phones.

Along with these measures, they will also be taught how to gather information more effectively from CCTV and the use of cash machines.

“These improvements are exactly what detectives need to tackle the challenges and complexities of modern policing effectively,” said acting NPIA chief executive, Deputy Chief Constable Nick Gargan.

The NPIA said in the statement that about 3,500 students each year will benefit from the improvements to the course.

These changes were a result of feedback from former students and experienced detectives. They aim to further professionalise initial detective training and help make their techniques more relevant to modern living.

Other changes in the NPIA course include guidance on effective use of broadcast and print media, dealing with honour killings and how best to interview vulnerable people.

The new material will be incorporated into courses next year.