UK iPhone impossible to hack

27 Nov 2007

Since the launch of the iPhone in the UK on 9 November it has probably crossed the minds of many Irish Apple fans that going over the border to get their hands on the coveted iPhone is a much easier option than sourcing one from the US.

However, this may not be without its own set of problems as it appears that Apple has stepped up measures to prevent the iPhone from being hacked in order to separate it from the O2 mobile operator with its 18-month contract.

One of the first Irish Apple fans to buy an iPhone from O2 UK told that she is now stuck with what is essentially an overpriced iPod Touch.

“The UK iPhone seems to have closed the loophole that allowed the unlock. So far, hasn’t found a way through it nor has anyone else on the web to my knowledge.”

While claims to have unlocked the iPhone, this is just for O2 UK customers who want to use the iPhone but not on the basis of being tied down to the mandatory 18-month contract.

While legally an iPhone buyer is contractually obliged to use the handset with the official operator, Apple estimates over 250,000 handsets sold in the US in conjunction with AT&T went on to be unlocked.

“The first crack happened within days in the US but it’s already been two weeks in the UK. You can unlock in the UK by just inserting an ordinary O2 SIM card, but the thing is that no one has been able to unlock it to any network,” said the iPhone purchaser.

It looks like Apple had better bring the iPhone to Apple fan-boys and fan-girls some time soon.

“It’s so upsetting: it’s like finding the most gorgeous, funny man in the universe, only he’s an alien and you cannot understand what the hell he’s saying and he has to live in an impregnable space suit,” said the disappointed iPhone fan.

By Marie Boran