UK Kindle store excludes Ireland

6 Aug 2010

Amazon yesterday launched a UK version of its Kindle e-book store with more than 400,000 titles for download to the Kindle device or application.

This UK-only Kindle site comes a week after Amazon announced two new models of its e-book, reader including a Wi-Fi only version with a significantly smaller price tag than the previous Kindle.

E-books on special offers on the store include Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, which became the first book to sell more than 1 million digital format copies through Amazon.

While Irish customers of Amazon are generally directed through the website for purchasing hardback books, DVD, electronics and other goods, this is not the case with the Kindle e-book store.

It is not possible to buy e-books through’s Kindle Store for Irish customers who, for some reason, are directed to the US site.

There does not, however, appear to be much difference in the choice of books available on both Kindle Stores but perhaps there will a European version soon to follow.