Understanding men online

19 Apr 2009

Men may be in the minority in the US internet-using population, but they go online more often, spend more time there, conduct more searches on a daily basis and do not mind seeing ads as much as their female counterparts, according to a new report from eMarketer.

The Men Online reportestimates that 95.9 million US males are regular internet users, representing 48.2pc of the overall online population.

eMarketer said the internet population in the US will continue to grow and the number of online males will increase to 105.9 million by 2013. They will, however, still be in the minority, representing just 47.9pc of the overall online population at that stage.

According to Lisa E Phillips (pictured), eMarketer senior analyst author of the Men Online report, these figures are important because gender, even more than race or ethnicity, is a distinguishing factor in internet use, informing online behaviour and attitudes.

At the moment, for example, eMarketer research reveals that 53pc of males and 42pc of females spend more than an hour online each day.  And, according to Nielsen Online research, US male internet users spent on average just over 69 hours and 13 minutes online in 60 sessions in November 2008, while female users spent just over 64 hours and 52 minutes online in 54 sessions during the same month.

In addition, according to Phillips, men are as engaged in social media as women are, and most are not put off by the companies and brands they find there.

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